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International Patients

Medical Tourism

SJM Hospital and IVF Centre offers the complete range of health treatments in Delhi National Capital Region, India. Due to the understanding and care that we provide to all patients, we have a steady stream of international patients. When you come to us from other countries, you want everything to go smoothly. Our staff members work as a team to provide careful service suited to your expectations. We coordinate the highest quality health care for our patients coming from India as well as other countries. Our staff will be there to assist you during all phases of your healthcare journey with us.

Below is an overview of what you can discuss with us and we can assist with:

  • Dedicated service representative

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Financial information and counselling

  • Accommodation and meals

  • Travel and transportation

  • Visa and immigration

  • Medical records and paperwork

  • Filling prescriptions

  • Follow-up with clinical and administrative staff

  • Future appointment scheduling

  • Foreign exchange and billing in your currency

  • Online virtual consultations

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